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Today is World Mental Health Day 2019…with the Government reporting that one in four people will suffer from mental health issues in their lifetime, it is not surprising that in our work we see the challenges that mental health can bring when dealing with workplace issues. Whether you are running a business or an employee with mental health issues it requires sensitivity, patience and a clear understanding of the various mental health conditions that exist. Every individual is different too and their own circumstances can also dictate how they react and feel about certain situations, so it can be very difficult to know how best to help.

I recently attended a Mental Health First Aid course with MHFA England as one of a number of steps towards increasing my understanding of how to help our clients, both employers and employees, manage mental health in the workplace more successfully.

There are also many other courses and sources of information out there if you are business facing these challenges. Acas have also recently published their own advice aimed at supporting positive mental health in the workplace: Acas Advice

Today must be the day to put some time aside to be better informed about mental health.

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