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Settlement agreements and severance arrangements

As well as drafting and negotiating settlement agreements, we also advise on the process and handling of settlement negotiations and the level of appropriate severance packages.

Contract of employment and service agreements

We will review your existing contracts and/or service agreements to ensure they are up to date and drafted in accordance with best practice and then assist you in keeping them up to date, or we can create them for you where you have none in place already. With our input, your business is protected or if you are an employee, we will advise on what is best for you given the nature of your employment.

Design and implementation of HR policies and procedures

Whatever the size of your business we can help at every stage of providing HR services. This could be from establishing a brand new HR function or a review of your existing provisions. We can suggest the design and implementation of HR systems, policies and procedures.

Bringing on board new employees

When it comes to new hire it is vital they are welcomed to their new company promptly and comprehensively. We can design and implement new hire induction/on-boarding processes to ensure new employees are quickly up to speed with their new organisation and start to feel at home.

GDPR/data protections

We can advise on your responsibilities as an employer to ensure that you are complying with the current data protection laws, including drafting your privacy notices, data protection policy and related policies and ensuring that your contracts of employment also remain compliant in the light of recent changes in the law in this area.

Changing terms and conditions

We can advise on the legality and implications of changing terms and conditions of employment for your staff or when you are facing a request for a change by your employer.

Employee status

We offer advice on employee status (self-employment/consultancy arrangements and employment), whether you are an individual or a business.

Consultancy agreements

We can draft and advise on consultancy agreements.

Discrimination, bullying and harassment

Discrimination, bullying and harassment can require a swift response. We are on hand to offer advice and practical solutions to deal with all situations.

Equal opportunities

We can advise on designing and implementing an effective equal opportunities policy and any related work-place issues that may arise for both employers and employees.

Performance management and appraisals

We are experienced at dealing with all aspects of performance management and appraisals, from drafting an internal procedure for managing performance or an appraisal process, to assisting with ongoing performance issues by guiding the employer or employee through the challenges that poor performance can present.

Disciplinary and grievance proceedings

We can provide you with up to date policies and procedures and guide you through these processes to ensure compliance and fairness when dealing with a particular matter. If you need help chairing a disciplinary, grievance and appeal hearing we can help you find the right professional to act on behalf of your organisation and work with them to support you throughout the process.


We can guide you through the redundancy process to ensure that it is fair and your business is protected from claims. If you are an employee, our experience enables us to provide compassionate and valuable support to you at this difficult time.

Breach of contract

We can advise where there is a potential or actual breach of contract.

Restrictive covenants

We can provide legal and practical advice on designing restrictive covenants tailored to your individual needs. We also assist in the event of a potential or actual breach of any restrictive covenants, whether you are seeking support as an employer or employee.

Bonus schemes

We advise on the type of bonus schemes, their implementation, operation and all associated issues.

TUPE transfers

We advise on all aspects of a TUPE transfer, including assisting businesses with the process of due diligence and employee/trade union consultation and employees by advising on their rights on the sale or purchase of a business.

Unfair and constructive dismissal

We offer advice on bringing or defending unfair dismissal and constructive dismissal claims in the Employment Tribunal.

Employment tribunal claims

We are experienced in dealing with all types of claim, whether acting for the employer defending the claim or the employee bringing the claim. We can advise on prospects and assist you throughout the life of the claim, including at the Tribunal.

HR audits

We will talk you through your HR and employment law requirements with the aim of minimising your exposure to time consuming and costly workplace issues and Employment Tribunal claims.

Bespoke training

We offer bespoke and flexible training for HR professionals, directors, senior/middle management and employees, including practical workshops and case studies.

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